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Here you go A-Gang

2009-01-05 21:16:19 by NimbusTheGeneral

Aww it's funny how my fans try to be cute. What's the matter Lejin? Your fake ass goons can't talk for themselves? Who you sticking up for now? LOL Don't worry Lejin, you ain't even on my mind. But I can tell from your message that I stay on yours. I can't help it you're a coward. You claim to have too little time to battle me, but yet you send me a message? It's all good though, cowards gotta act tough too. Stay in the basement where it's safe, you and Damu-G. Blow each other some more while that slut of yours watches LOL. Truth hurts, huh? How about you get mad, or you can hold your breath until I do. You dead yet? hahahaha

But then you block me from responding LOL. Just like the rest of your coward ass clique.

Fucking retard, just like the rest of your so called "coalition". Go eat another dick.


Happy New Year Y'all

2008-12-31 23:58:22 by NimbusTheGeneral

Big surprises for 2009, let's make it happen!

Stay up

Nimbus The General

But Chaos is now a ringtone. Read below for the link I posted on Myspace: eral-Chaos___dsUbvuqVuxw0dk5xztFAAA___

HERE'S THE LINK TO CHAOS! IT'S OFFICIAL, CHAOS IS NOW A FREE RINGTONE! click the link, or go to and search for NimbusTheGeneral (just copy and paste it).

Hit me back and let me know you downloaded it!!! I want to know how many people love the ringtone! It's already been downloaded 167 times (last time I checked) and it's only been up since this morning!!

Everything you said was hilarious "G". Just one thing man...WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU WHEN I CAME TO PENN STATION?? I thought I was supposed to get my shit rocked the FIRST time you fake ass bitch. So everything you say to me or about me is fake as fuck you faggot. You ain't shit but a coward. What...couldn't get enough pussies to come with you because you're too scared to show up by yourself? Fuck you, bitch. Get off my dick.

Oh, and I'm sure my mother wouldn't want to fuck a swinging turd you fuckturd, fucking walking shit stain. Get off my dick faggot.

Got me on a block list so I can't respond back, and then disable your comments so I can't reply to them either, you bitches make me laugh! So yeah, I believe everything you say LOL. Great job G, you just proved everything you ever said was a lie.

I figured

2008-11-17 17:54:06 by NimbusTheGeneral

Just more empty threats.

Ah well, the album is almost finished, just 2 more songs. Everything else is done.