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Not bad for a first time test

I give it an 8, but only because it wasn't longer. Two things I can recommend (if you don't mind) is make the stick figures...well...stick figures LOL. They were way bigger...which brings me to my next point. The sword and the figures were way to big and it was too short. But good job for a first test.

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Nimbus The General

Dasimonster responds:

Thanks alot! Im submitting my new one today which has no blood this time...
Haha. And this time it was a bit longer :D

I have to ask

Did anyone else notice the subtle signs in different parts of the movie? LOL Like when they ran out of gas, the sign behind them. Lake Erie for when they went to the harbor lol.

Awesome job on this fam. Keep up the great work.


Holy Shit...

I haven't seen that game in forever. It's good so far, hope to see more of it!

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Nice work

For a beta version this is really good. Can't wait to see the upgrade.


Not bad at all. I should've trained first, but it was fun to play! Great job!

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Scuare for the advance. What the fuck was the second verse? Scuare, you did your thing.

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Nimbus The General

Either, honestly. Neither really stood out. In case anyone remembers this..."WHAT ABOUT ME?!? WHAT ABOUT RAVEN!?!" I would've used the wrestler reference because he was such a cry baby. But, alas I do research where others don't lol. No clear winner. Either overtime where they can possibly try to write personals and disses, or just flip a coin.

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Nimbus The General

Flip to advance. This track actually hurt my ears to listen to.

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Nimbus The General

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Great job

I have no clue what Joricky12 is talking about. Honestly, it's meant to look like a long line of drones, except for one not following completely with the others. There's a message to the art, not just simply a long line of robots. I suppose it depends on who's looking at it at the time, but it's really good in my opinion.

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