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Been gone for a minute

2010-04-18 17:08:48 by NimbusTheGeneral

Just a head's up for everyone. I'm not dead, I'm not in jail...anymore LOL. I did get arrested and have to go to court, now enjoying vacation in Missouri with family. Will be gone until Wednesday. When I get back I'll keep y'all updated.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

It's about to go down

2009-11-24 22:17:28 by NimbusTheGeneral

I'm writing 15 new songs in 15 days. Then I'm recording all 15 of them within a week or two (hopefully), then posting them (again, hopefully) one at a time. This will be the basis of my first album. The title will be known once the album is finished.

I'll keep everyone posted. As it stands, one of the tracks is a collaboration with some kats in New York (Brooklyn Collectiv) called Prezidents and Generals. I'll update a track list as it goes on. At the moment, I'm working on "Running Empty" and "Fiesty (How I Like 'Em)", besides the above mentioned track along with "Better Than This".

Stay up y'all!

Nimbus The General

My next show will be HUGE. It's two weeks from yesterday in Connecticut. A closed VIP performance. I'll be headlining, so I'll have other artists opening for me. I'm being put up at the Mohican Sun Casino Hotel in my own private suite, limo service to and from the show, personal security, and the after party will be off the CHAIN!

I seriously can't wait to get up there and ROCK the stage. If/when I get the video feed from Cliff of Round Table Entertainment I'll post it up. For those of you on my myspace friends page, you'll be able to view the photos from the show.

Holla back!

I did not leave NG. Just been too busy to post tracks up. Also, Twist The Language (My M.O.) feat. D-Bizz (produced by DJ Zion) is doing very well on iTunes, Limewire, and on worldwide radio. I'll find out more information about the grammy nomination soon, I suppose. Ok, enough of updating. It's kinda boring at the moment LOL.

Stay up y'all,

Nimbus The General

What's good people?

2009-07-27 18:16:04 by NimbusTheGeneral

Yeah, I've been MIA for a minute, and will be for a little bit longer. Just a quick update, Twist The Language (My M.O.) feat. D-Bizz was nominated for a FUCKING GRAMMY. Put that in your pipes and smoke it. As soon as I get the paperwork I'll make it known and official. So keep up on it, it should be next week when I get it.

Other than that, still writing and will be posting up new shit soon, just don't know how soon. Busy, busy, busy.

Stay up y'all,

Nimbus The General

Then the album release performance jumps off (not my album, the radio album from Canadian American Records by Joey Welz). As soon as I get my copies of it I'm taking flicks and posting them so everyone can see the cd that puts my music, DJ Zion's music, and D-Bizz's music worldwide. Not nationwide.

Other than that, might be jumping off a promo tour starting in Baltimore, MD. I'll know the details on that later this weekend. Writing a few new tracks, and once I get those recorded I'll shoot 'em over this way so y'all can hear them. Also working with a couple NG artists (Wyze and Merc to name a couple).

Stay up y'all,

Nimbus The General

News Flash

2009-05-22 23:44:24 by NimbusTheGeneral

Twist The Language (My M.O.) feat. D-Bizzle will be on radio stations nationwide June 15th. It's registered with BMI, I'm registered with BMI so I'll be clocking the spins and collecting the royalties off the music. So big ups to DJ Zion for the instrumental (even if haters say you steal beats)...shh I won't tell them anything man. Big ups to D-Bizzle on his verses that made the track hot. Signing a contract agreement for the royalties and also for the label representation for the album release.

Time to hate, let's hear it people LOL.

Stay up y'all, my shit's worldwide now.

Anyone, anytime, any place, any reason. Period. It's my year this year.

Nimbus The General

Still undefeated, undisputed, undeniably the greatest bar for bar artist of my time and era.


2009-03-30 20:08:29 by NimbusTheGeneral

So the performance was off the chain. There were some bugs to work out for the next show (not on my end, on the management of time and sound checks). I closed out the show and out-performed all the other acts. I'll have video up real soon, just gotta edit all of it. Took a bunch of flicks, had the crowd SCREAMIN', and even got hated on by one of the other artists because his female was hollarin' my name (he had to check her after my performance HAHA). It's all good though, my next performance is as a showcase. Place holds 1,500 people this time. This place was PACKED though, 80% when asked said they were there to see none other than Nimbus The General (as if y'all didn't know).

So that's the performance in a nut shell, and I'll have more information on the next couple performances and all things Nimbus The General. Oh...and did I mention it won't just be Platinum and Capital Records? Now it's Def Jam as well.

Stay up y'all,

Nimbus The General

Oh...and y'all can start hatin' now hahahahahaaaaaa.

New Shit!

2009-03-09 07:07:00 by NimbusTheGeneral

No, not new music (yet). Updates on all things Nimbus:

-March 28th-
Notorious tribute that I will be performing at (appearances and performances by Lil Cease of Junior Mafia and other guest stars)

-April 11th-
Performing at the same place, this time a whole time slot. Platinum and Capital Records will both be there to watch the performances.

-April 18th-
Performing at a different place, another whole time slot (the tribute is limited to 2 songs a artist). Gillie Da Kid will host the event. After hosting the event he will set up a date to have select artists open for a show he's doing in Philadelphia (I believe it'll be in the city).

-set for June 2009-
Two songs will be on the radio. Unfortunately, at first, it will only be on the lower frequencies (below 50,000 watts and AM radio). The two songs that were chosen were: 1. Twist The Language (My M.O.) and 2. 2 G's (yes everyone, Ingenius will be on the radio as well, big ups for cleaning the track up, it sounds great). BMI will clock the spins, and I'm already registered with them. Canadian American Records will be promoting the songs (Joey Welz) and will send out the tracks to over 500 stations.

Hmmm, I think that's it for now...I'll let y'all know how the Biggie event popped off afterwards. Until then, enjoy some real hip-hop.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

R.I.P. F.o.R.

Though your run was short lived...let me be the first to say I'm absolutely glad to be part of the few, the proud, the real hip-hop artists that ended it...