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2010-09-09 13:03:51 by NimbusTheGeneral

It's what I do best. I'm in here creating masterpieces just waiting to get recorded.


2010-09-06 17:15:50 by NimbusTheGeneral

I got blocked by these bitches HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Then, I got banned from leaving comments on their pages. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fake ass people.

FYI for all the R.O.F. members that aren't real members, Lejin is a fag and you're sucking his dick. I'm giving an open challenge to all opponents on his jock, as well as the "greatest" himself. You don't want to risk losing that paper title, you're a coward and a fake ass punk.

Oh, and don't try the whole "I'm too busy, you're too small time for me, you're old, you just want your name off of me" shit. That's how cowards duck real people. Let's see how real you are. Take my challenge or forever be listed as a fake ass punk.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

Setting it all up

2010-09-05 21:41:39 by NimbusTheGeneral

Studio time is all set up and ready to go. Got the tracks written. Got the instrumentals I need. Plenty of people have left this site, or at least stopped posting. I'll still post my work on here when I get it recorded for all the fans of real music out there.

For some reason I can't type properly tonight. I'm exhausted from staying up writing music. Plus it was my birthday weekend and I am out of wait...I got one more bottle of Remy Martin V.S.O.P. on top of my fridge. I do believe I'm about to pop that open and get smashed!

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

back again

2010-07-25 20:10:57 by NimbusTheGeneral

Hopefully going to be posting more tracks in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

Quick question!

2010-07-09 10:41:12 by NimbusTheGeneral

How do I delete a track I uploaded? I want to replace it with another track, so I didn't figure it out FML lol.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

The wait is over. Hooked up steady studio time to get shit crackin'! "Feisty" will be re-recorded in the studio, Running Empty will be the next track to go up long about Wednesday. As for right now, going back to the lab.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General


2010-06-13 19:51:34 by NimbusTheGeneral

Tomorrow will be the beginning of my recordings. Going over first thing early afternoon to record the first new track, then will be uploading it later tomorrow evening for people to listen to. Installment number 2 of the "party, sex, commercialized" type track.

Stay tuned

Nimbus The General

Busy as all hell

2010-05-20 14:59:28 by NimbusTheGeneral

I have so many things going on right now that I'm taking a break for about a month. When I DO jump back down, I have a few big projects. I'm continuing working on my first album (the project is close to being finished. Just need pictures and album art and record the tracks), which will include 13 songs, and possibly a bonus track. Then, I'm working on a few projects for KOA (Del be patient I got you!). Finally, I'm working on a double-disc compilation cd for a friend of mine.

Hit me up if you need anything, and a month from now expect a few new joints to listen to.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

Got the motivation

2010-05-04 18:18:54 by NimbusTheGeneral

Now all I need are the proper instrumentals.

Time to get back in the dungeon.

-Nimbus The General

I've been pretty lowkey. I have, however, been watching what has been going on with R.o.F. and the hip-hop portal.

There are a few ideas in the works. Let's sit back and see how it all plays out.

Stay up fam,

Nimbus The General