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2011-10-11 18:05:57 by NimbusTheGeneral

Sent me the link to download the video clip for 'My City' being used on their program. Here's where you can find it:

ESPN Video for Top Plays


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2011-10-19 13:56:28

I'd bet my right ball that that's the one that caused the fake bidding war.

NimbusTheGeneral responds:

Fake bidding war?


2011-11-02 14:07:56

When the dude was upping the price on you over and over again for the beat.

NimbusTheGeneral responds:

This is exactly the track that caused the bidding war lol. So you'd be able to keep your right ball...soooo...yeah...


2011-11-25 10:03:42

Congratz man.


2011-12-28 16:12:56

Congratulations and great job! Keep doin' what you do best!